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"Mighty Mike" Simmel has been thrilling fans with his own unique blend of basketball trickery for years. His half time displays are known throughout the country. He has also become an acclaimed motivational speaker and instructor with an emphasis on personal achievement by overcoming obstacles.
A member of the world famous Harlem Wizards, Mighty Mike prides himself on providing a high quality performance no matter the audience.



"Mighty Mike" Simmel, professional entertainment basketball player of the world famous Harlem Wizards, camp clinician and motivational speaker, will give all audiences a unique and fun-filled experience.
Each performance or basketball lecture series combines basketball entertainment with the substance to teach and learn basketball skills.
"Mighty Mike" is considered by many to be one of the most diligent and skillful young performers in the basketball entertainment and camp industry today.

Mike receiving the 2009 TOYA Award by the US Junior Chamber of Commerce

Mike being honored at Yankee Stadium during Disability Awareness Night




p 201.725.7224 | Contact Info
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