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The Bounce Out the Stigma™ Project

Welcome to "Mighty Mike" Simmel's Bounce Out the Stigma™ Project. Here we teach kids to have good feelings about themselves. Our programs are never competitive but, always fun. Where other programs discourage; we encourage. Where other programs create peer pressure; we create peer support. Where other programs use challenge for competition, our kids learn to find the fun in challenge. The only competition is one's self imposed limits.

Youth Programs with Emphasis on Self Empowerment.
A Child has a special need. . . Our Programs seek to develop a Special Child!

"Mighty Mike" Simmel was once a child that could not hop on one leg, or even skip as a result of his slow motor skills from epilepsy and seizures. He had to be placed in special education gym class. At age 7, Mike's father gave him a basketball to see if his slow motor skills could be overcome and he could develop his coordination. It worked. "Mighty Mike" initially outgrew his "drop attacks", but his seizures would come back as he grew older. Mike was later asked to leave a basketball camp for having a seizure at age 16 and that event changed him forever. As a young adult Mike also faced problems from bipolar disorder and that with his epilepsy could have hindered him from being able to play basketball altogether. Despite these setbacks nothing ever stopped him from living his dreams to the fullest. Mike still takes medications and lives an active and healthy lifestyle. He believes that everyone should also have a chance to follow their goals and live life to the utmost no matter whatever their background!

That is why the Bounce Out the Stigma™ Project was created. It is a youth outreach campaign geared toward giving all children and young people a chance to learn using basketball as the primary vehicle to overcome obstacles in life. Our purpose is for children to gain confidence and "bounce-out" their limitations to empower themselves. We want children to develop communication channels with parents, doctors and loved ones, all in hopes to be the best they can be. This is so that they too can be mighty and develop their God-given abilities in whatever road their lives may take them. We all will have boundaries placed on us in life but they can not define us or the person we want to become!

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- Mighty Mike's Summer Camp- Where everyone will shine!
- In-School Assembly Series
- Workshop/Seminar Series and Special Events
- Mighty Mike's Bounce Out the Stigma™ Parent and Youth DVD
- The Mighty Mike Bounce Out the Stigma™ Fundraising Efforts

The Mighty Mike Bounce Out the Stigma Project is a 501(c)(3) organization.


The mission of The Bounce Out the Stigma Project is to inspire and educate young people, especially those with epilepsy and special needs, through the
creation and supporting of signature programs, to promote healthy lifestyle choices. Through our ventures, the Project looks to create opportunities, and a sense of awareness of disabilities in the community. Our aim is to
see children affected grow and become empowered leaders of tomorrow.
The Bounce Out the Stigma Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
The first and only camp of its kind to offer basketball fundamentals combined with education and fun for youth ages 9-18 with emotional, learning and motor deficiencies.




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