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Epilepsy Awareness
What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that from time to time produces brief disturbances in the electrical functions of the brain. Normal brain function is made possible by millions of tiny electrical charges passing between nerve cells in the brain and to all parts of the body. When someone has epilepsy, this pattern may be interrupted by intermittent bursts of electrical energy that are much more intense than usual. They may affect a person's consciousness, bodily movements or sensations for a short time.

Starry Night Saint-Rémy: June, 1889
Did you know Vincent Van Gogh had Epilepsy?

These physical changes are called epileptic seizures. That is why epilepsy is sometimes called a seizure disorder . The unusual bursts of energy may occur in just one area of the brain (partial seizures), or may affect nerve cells throughout the brain (generalized seizures). Normal brain function cannot return until the electrical bursts subside. Conditions in the brain that produce these episodes may have been present since birth, or they may develop later in life due to injury, infections, structural abnormalities in the brain, exposure to toxic agents, or for reasons that are still not well understood. Many illnesses or severe injuries can affect the brain enough to produce a single seizure.

When seizures continue to occur for unknown reasons or because of an underlying problem that cannot be corrected, the condition is known as epilepsy. Epilepsy affects people of all ages, all nations, and all races.


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“We appreciate Mike's contribution to our national effort to increase public awareness of epilepsy. The Foundation is fortunate to work with someone who is willing to share his positive story and personal experiences.”
- Eric Hargis, President and CEO, Epilepsy Foundation of America
"I have had the pleasure to know Mighty Mike for over five years and observe
him engaging kids, volunteers and staff at our summer camp program "Camp-Wee-Kan-Tu." Mike is an exceptional basketball player and gifted teacher. His epilepsy awareness knowledge and ability to connect with an audience at all age levels makes him a must to consider in your organizations' epilepsy educational programming."
- Les Brody, Ph.D., President and CEO, Epilepsy Foundation of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Mike being honored at Yankee Stadium during Disability Awareness Night
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