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What started as a pipe dream in the backyard and local gyms, then led to Mike performing and surviving a 1999 "Amateur Night" performance on stage of the world famous Apollo Theater during a live NBC television broadcast...Now, filled with lots of zany tricks and antics, Mighty Mike has his own one-man show!

Mike has wowed audiences with his patented halftime show since 2001 as a member of the world-famous Harlem Wizards, in addition to being featured at hundreds of national colleges, summer basketball camps and special events arcross the country. Mighty Mike will have the audience excited with a routine that leaves them wanting more. Feature Mike at basketball games, playoffs, tournaments, private parties, corporate shows and special events.

"He charged out on the court with a rack of basketballs. With high-octane music pumping, the superpowered 5'9" dynamo went through a series of tricks, each one increasing in difficulty and skill. He juggled two basketballs, and then three...and then four. He tossed basketballs high up in the air and caught them between his shoulders. "
- From the article, Mighty Little Man by
Kyle Whelliston read more

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"Mighty Mike Simmel's halftime performance was a fun and exciting basketball experience enjoyed by everyone.“
- Sean Joyce, Corporate Sales Manager & Special Events, Drexel University Athletics


Mike thrilling an audience at a Halftime Show.
p 201.725.7224 | Contact Info
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