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Joyce Bender's "Disability Matters" radio show, 11/01/05
Minneapolis-St. Paul, WXCE-AM Morning News 11/01/07
Radio Disney, Backyard Morning Show 11/01/07
Denver, KXFL-FM, Colorado Conversations 11/01/07
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"Unlikely Superhero"

By Lisa Boylan
EpilepsyUSA Managing Editor
February 7, 2007
"Mike Simmel is unique. He is passionate and 100% committed about his desire to perform, be the best and support others. He is one of the most gifted players on our roster, while at the same time being one of the most unsuspecting talents on the team. I am proud and thrilled to bring Mike to our Fans.”
- Todd Davis, President and CEO,
Harlem Wizards

Mike honored by the Children's Hospital of Monefiore NY with the 2013 Good Citizenship Award

Mike receiving the 2009 TOYA Award by the US Junior Chamber of Commerce

Mike being honored at Yankee Stadium during Disability Awareness Night
p 201.725.7224 | Contact Info
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