Special Needs Basketball Clinics with Mighty Mike Simmel

During the school year where do your Special Needs Kids  go to challenge themselves? Bounce Out the Stigma Basketball

Autism   |   ADD   |   ADHD   |    Epilepsy   |   Seizure   |   Neurological Disorders   |   Slow Motor Skill Development

Special Needs children and have the same desire as other kids. They want to play basketball, have fun and not feel the burden of peer pressure. Our nationally successful Bounce Out the Stigma Project offers a unique outlet for kids. We are also looking to partner with communities, organizations and foundations in areas of the country and provide our experience to your children. New York, Dallas, Boston and other metropolitan areas have discovered our unique special needs basketball program.

Mighty Mike Basketball and our Bounce Out the Stigma Project have partnered with many organizations to offer single day, after school or weekend clinics not to teach kids basketball but teaching them to believe in themselves. Organizations and foundations can now offer kids an after school or weekend program that will allow kids to learn basketball without the fear their “condition” may call unwanted attention to themselves. Seizure disorders, ADD, ADHD to other neurological conditions our clinics focus on empowerment with pressure, trying without fear and most of all learning “Limits Will Not Define Me, My Will Defines My Limits. We don’t play games with scores our custom designed program offers a unique and challenging clinic that teach basketball, acknowledges motor skill development and a solid foundation for kids to learn basketball.

We can come into your  town or school and offer a single full day program or a weekend clinic to your kids.  Contact us to learn more and also visit our Bounce Out the Stigma Project  We have partnered with top organiztions like the Boys and Girls Club, Beth Israel Hospital NY, NJ Family Resource Network, YMCA, NBA Nets, and other organizations.



Contact us to learn more and also visit Bounce Out the Stigma  to learn about our Special Needs Events Camps