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Mighty Mike Basketball Camp, Bounce Out The Stigma


In 2014 We Hosted Bounce Out the Stigma Camps and Clinics in Over 9 States and We Are Growing.  Checkout our 2015 Camp Schedule at Bounce Out the Stigma Summer Camps.

There are many camps for the “all-star” main stream  kids,  and there are many camps for those kids with special needs. But, what about those kids who fall into a spectrum and are not comfortable at either one of these styled camps. Kids with Autism, ADD, Epilepsy, ADHD, those with slow motor skill development. Where do they and parents turn for the basketball experience?

These uniquely challenged  kids feel awkward at the “all-star”camps, and cannot fit in to a full special needs camp. Bounce Out the Stigma™ and our signature Challenged Youth Basketball Camps™ provide that outlet and truly fit that child’s need.

In the summer of 1994, 16 year old Mike Simmel was attending a top-flight basketball camp and was having a typically solid week for a young point guard.  Midway through that week, the young man had his first major seizure in 10 years, which set him back.  The camp wanted to send him home and “bounce him” out of camp.  Determined, as always, this youngster and his father would not let that happen because of his epilepsy.  Mike stayed, and finished out the week strong.  From that day forward, Mike Simmel made a vow that if he could ever put himself in a position to help young people in his same situation, he one day would. Hence the creation of Bounce Out the Stigma™ basketball program, the first and only basketball summer camp of its kind, for children with special needs in the country. To Learn More Please Visit Bounce Out The Stigma →

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Since our inception in 2005, the Bounce Out the Stigma™ summer camps are specifically geared toward both boys and girls with emotional, motor and learning deficiencies.  We use basketball as our primary vehicle to help children overcome their obstacles and stay focused on goals in life.  Campers will enjoy our unique and inclusive program that will combine education, athletics and fun, to make all our children feel like true champions! To Learn More Please Visit Bounce Out The Stigma →

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Our core purpose is empowering children, and that empowerment is our primary value to our campers. Bounce Out the Stigma ™ is unique in that we submerge children in basketball activities that they have not experienced because of the limitations others placed on these kids in the past.  In developing a new skill set through motor drills, our campers are taught to aim higher, tackling everyday challenges and troubles with greater confidence.  Our camp is not a “specialty” camp nor does it make children feel isolated.  The campers can all relate to “Mighty Mike” and his personal story and will use that as motivation to get the most out of their own individual experiences.  When our week is over, each child will walk away knowing they gave their collective best effort with a smile on their face!  Our program model is full proof and has stood the test of many years. We currently have camps and programs in over 12 states and look to expand to have other kids experience their own success. To Learn More Please Visit Bounce Out The Stigma →