Mike Simmel Book, Mighty Mike Bounces Back

” The Journey to Becoming Mighty Mike”

A kid is placed in special education gym class could not hop or skip like the other kids his age.

Mighty Mike didn’t know how mighty he was. . .until the day his dad brought home a basketball.

Mike has epilepsy. He worries about having seizures at school and being different from his friends. He fears the taunts, the snickers and of course the “stigma”. But when he starts playing basketball, Mike uncovers a positive way to calm his mind, improve his health, and bounce back from adversity.


Mike Simmel Book Mighty Mike Bounces Back


A Heart Warming Story of a Young Boy Faced with Challenges,
From epilepsy to being bullied, Mike Simmel and his journey will fill any child with empowerment. How a young boy found an outlet that lasted him a lifetime. The story of Mikey Simmel before Mighty Mike.

It is hard to feel like a real kid. He is scared of letting other people know about his disease or even worse, being seen having a seizure! He is often worried and afraid of what other people will think. Soon Mike starts playing basketball at his school, and he learns to overcome his worries and to be courageous in the face of obstacles including his epilepsy. Written by a real-life basketball star with epilepsy, Mighty Mike Bounces Back is a fun, empowering story written to help kids learn to live comfortably with their epilepsy (or any challenge) and to take control of their life. Purchase Now at Imagination Press→

Purchase a book and send it to Mike and he will personally autograph it for your child or class. 

This book is a great read for any child faced with adversity. From autism to epilepsy, from self doubt to being bullied, kids will find unique insight in empowering themselves.

A Short Message from Mike Simmel

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